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Early one morning on Hunting Island State Park on the southeastern tip of South Carolina, Mike Dorman had a vision. The sun was coming up on the horizon, the waves were breaking on the shoreline and Michael, who had retired from the United States Coast Guard after 20 years of service, was in deep thought about his life.

“I was thinking about growing up in North Carolina, my career in the Coast Guard and my time spent as a contractor after the Coast Guard, and I felt the need to do more with my life,” says Dorman who grew up in North Carolina. He was thinking about his fellow Veterans, those injured while serving their country; Veterans with disabilities who needed everyday assistance.

“I did not know anyone who had been injured in Iraq or Afghanistan, and no one in my family was ever disabled in the military,” recalls Dorman. “My grandfather, William Edwin Andrews, of Fairmount NC served in World War II and was a Prisoner of War in Stalag XVIIb near Krems, Austria for 14 months.

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