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Please fill out completely and click the Submit button.

Service Member (Recipient) Info

Write out the service member's full name in the address - All mail sent to the Military must be addressed to someone specific; addressing mail to "Any Service Member" is no longer permitted by the USPS.

Include the unit and box (where applicable) into Address Line 1


APO is used for Air/Army Post Office; FPO is used for Fleet Post Office;

DPO is used for Diplomatic Post Office.


AE = Armed Forces Europe- is used for armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, & Canada

AP = Armed Forces Pacific - is used for the Pacific theatre

AA = Armed Forces America - America and it excludes Canada


Generally APO/FPO/DDO addresses use USA or UNITED STATES

CRITICAL!  We have estimates on shipping time to various locations. The RETURN DATE  is important because if the recipient has returned before the box gets to them overseas, it is returned to MMIA and the cost of postage is lost.

We can send one box to one Service member, but if you  provide the numbers in the Unit, we can boxes to all of them.

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