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Homes For Healing Furniture Request


Military Missions In Action (MMIA) assists veterans that have gone through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development VA Supportive Housing (HUD/ VASH) program or referred by another organization. These veterans were previously or are in stages of being chronically homeless. The VA places the veterans in apartments or homes that are under contract with the VA. However, the veterans go to their new homes with only the clothes on their backs. MMIA receives donations of furniture and household goods to deliver to these veterans free of charge in efforts to have the best start possible.



MMIA receives emails and phone calls from social workers or veterans with the request for furniture and household goods. There is a standard sheet that needs to be filled out for each veteran (form enclosed). Along with this form, MMIA requires the veteran’s DD-214 or veteran ID.

Veteran must fill out and sign a Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk form and return it with other required documentation. If the veteran has children that live with him/ her, please also enclose verification. This can include a verification letter from the Veterans Affairs office, birth certificate, report card with current address from child’s school, or other documentation proving that the children do live in the same home. MMIA does not take requests from veteran family members. If the Veteran is receiving any type of disability, please also enclose verification. This can include a copy of a disability verification letter from the Veterans Affairs office, Social Security Disability Benefits documentation, or a copy of a handicapped license.

Once the veteran has been verified, he/she is put on a list to receive furniture and household goods. Delivery times to receive items will depend on donations received, volunteer schedules, and number of veterans on the delivery list. MMIA also does NOT accept special requests such as certain colored curtains, bedding, material of couches, etc. MMIA is only able to give items that are on the specified list.


The Homes for Healing Program Manager will contact the veteran to schedule a date and time for furniture delivery. A veteran may only request furniture and household goods once in his or her lifetime. A veteran cannot make a future request for additional items due to MMIA’s funding, donations and the amount of veterans’ requests each day.  


Please note that by accepting the furniture delivery, you consent to participate in a follow-up survey conducted by an MMIA representative by phone, email, text, or questionnaire sent through the mail. The purpose of the survey is to ensure that MMIA is meeting the needs of our veterans in a professional and timely manner.



Zak Keisler

Zak Keisler

Director of Operations

Non-Discrimination Policy: It is the policy of Military Missions In Action to provide equal opportunity to applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability or political belief in receipt of the services and benefits of any of its missions, programs and activities.


Military Missions in Action Furniture Request Form   

Military Missions in Action (MMIA) considers it a privilege to assist you in furnishing your home. The MMIA family of staff and volunteers thanks you for your service in the armed forces. Our best to you during this time of transition.

Please make sure the following required items are included in your returned application:

DD214 or front/back copy of Veteran ID with Photo ID

Upload File

Receiving any type of Disability (VA Disability Verification Documents or SS Benefits documentation, or handicapped license copy)

Upload File

Children living with veteran (Veterans Affairs Verification letter or other documentation proving that child lives in same home)

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Below are standard items MMIA can provide for veterans. Please indicate if you would like an item based on your family size (i.e., if you need more than 4 kitchen chairs, write it in # space).

We can only provide furnishing ONCE in a lifetime. Must provide verification that children live in the home with the veteran.

Living Room



Other Items


This AGREEMENT is a release of the recipient’s rights to sue for injuries or death resulting from the purchased, donated, loaned, rented, modified, or repaired equipment and/or furniture and household goods received from Military Missions in Action (hereinafter “MMIA”). The RECIPIENT expressly assumes all risks related in any way to the use or appropriateness of these items.

RECIPIENT understands that MMIA is not qualified to advise on the appropriateness of any medical equipment and further recommends seeking advice of professionals before purchase or use of equipment.

RECIPIENT understands that MMIA is providing them with used furniture and household goods and accepts them in the condition that they have been given free of charge.

RECIPIENT acknowledges that upon receipt of said goods he/she is to immediately verify that the items are in good working condition and examine them to identify any defects before putting items in use.

RECIPIENT also understands that MMIA and its employees, founders, officers, or volunteers (hereinafter “Released Parties”), shall not be held liable or responsible in any way for injury, death, or other damages to the

RECIPIENT or his/her family, heirs, or assignees which may occur as a result of the sold, donated, loaned, repaired, or modified items, or as a result of product defect, wear and tear, or the negligence of any party, including the Released Parties, whether passive or active.

Homeowner Liability Waiver

I understand that these are volunteers, not professionals working for profit, and that no warranty is made as to the quality of the work done. In consideration of volunteer goods and services to be rendered to me or on my property by the volunteers, I hereby release, acquit, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless the individual volunteers, Military Missions In Action, and any related agency from any and all liability for damages of any nature, including personal injury and property damages, expenses, delay or irregularity related in any way or arising out of my voluntary participation in this program or arising out of the goods and services provided by said program.

                                   authorize MMIA use for promotional purposes by photographs or video images of me and/or my premises for any article, advertisement, electronic media, and/or television commercial without any expectation of a fee. By signing below I agree that I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting!

If there are other items you need for your home, please list them below: ((ie. Microwave, Washer, and Dryer (INDICATE if the dryer is a 3 or 4 prong), etc.). MMIA will let you know if we can meet your additional requests.

MMIA will let you know if we can meet your additional requests.

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