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State of Military Missions in Action (MMIA), as of July 2022

Six months after the tragic and untimely loss of our dear founder and Executive Director Mike Dorman, Military Missions in Action finds itself at a place many may not have suspected. Mike’s legacy is truly living on as is evident in the tremendous outpouring of support from donors (new and old alike) and much hard work by the corps of volunteers and employees. After some deep albeit necessary soul searching and transformation, Mike’s metaphorical train is not only still on the tracks but steaming full-speed ahead to bring relief and support to Veterans in need. Here are some highlights of what MMIA has been up to since January:

  • Directly assisted a lot of deserving Veterans.

  • Promoted Zak Keisler to the Operations Director.

  • Cleaned out the MMIA offices and established new work-flow processes.

  • Transitioned to official organizational email addresses and cloud-based storage.

  • Hired an Office Administrator to ensure a predictable office presence.

  • Divested operations from the HWY 401 warehouse and all its overhead.

  • Reduced by over half the donated property footprint to make the organization leaner.

  • Moved the Fill-the-Footlocker staging location out of the Academy Street basement and into the HWY 55 warehouse in its own designated climate-controlled space for easier and safer access.

  • Cleared out the Academy Street home to prep for critical foundation repair and a renovation.

  • Synchronized operations with all employees, volunteers, and key stakeholders (still improving).

  • Hired a head-hunting firm to find ten top qualified candidates for Executive Director.

  • Modified our beloved mission statement to create more opportunity to serve all Veterans in need AND their loving supporting families without excluding any particular type of veteran, active service members, or reservists whether having served in the past or currently serving.

  •  Applied and was awarded a state grant to directly assist disabled Veterans.

  •  Purchased a new/used Box Truck for Operation Homes for Healing.

  •  Purchased a new/used pick-up truck for smaller day-to-day logistical requirements.

  •  Moved the Southern Pines office out of the American Legion and into new office space.


Some major successful missions included completing four “Standdowns for Homeless Veterans” servicing over 500 homeless Vets; Shipped 257 “Fill the Footlocker” boxes to deployed troops (which is a little over 1285 care packages); Completed five “Operation Building Hope” major construction modification projects (with another six lined up waiting on contractors); and lastly, despite intentionally trying to slow down after Mike’s passing, volunteers have accomplished 41 “Operation Homes for Healing” critical need deliveries of furniture, appliances, and various household sundries all across North Carolina.

Military Missions in Action has recaptured the initiative and established increasing momentum, thanks to the community of Fuquay-Varina and the surrounding areas. You are what makes MMIA an unwaveringly dependable non-profit to Veterans in need all over North Carolina. Thank you for your contributions and community commitment.

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Thank you for the help u gave me one year ago furnishing my trailer.. Still going strong. Thank you again very much.  -T.B. (Veteran)


Words cannot adequately describe our thanks to you. We received an abundance of care packages full of games, snacks, music, hygiene kits, beautiful hand-written & hand-made cards, & scripture this afternoon, all from you!

I will be sending a hand written thank you card, but let me tell you a little bit about us so you have an idea of what your kindness did.

We are a medical unit currently on rotation out in the Middle East. Our mission is to offer medical support by operating a Consolidated Aid Station. While we are on standby for serious traumas & casualties, most of our day to day operations include soldiers who have fallen ill or acutely injured. While the work isn't necessarily "hard" (as we are trained for this), our days are long, & we are minimally staffed. We work 24/7 operations every single day. No holidays, no weekends- because let's face it, sickness & injuries do not cease!

My staff was making fun of me because of all the packages that came in for me today! I was very confused at first, but as I opened them, I told them it was for all of us! My medics came in to each grab goodies. They could not believe people they did not know were supporting them; what a humbling experience! You sent them the motivation to carry on with their duties, because even though they are away from family & everything they love, they know there are people back home thinking of them. Your love is felt from 7,000+ miles away.

So again, I say thank you! You are the America we are so proud to serve.

Very Respectfully,
1LT Tanas

"Thank yall so much! We appreciate the care packages!!!!" ... from the 30th armored brigade, 252 battalion, HHC Mortar Platoon in Kuwait.

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