Update To Supporters

Thanks to all of you for your generous support of MMIA.

Just a note to let you know that we are still here, although operating at a slower, modified pace. During this trying time for all of us, we are still helping veterans and their families when possible. We have postponed projects that have a higher risk of exposing our volunteers and clients to this nasty virus. This category of project includes any “large” projects such as major bathroom modifications. We are mainly concentrating on small, outdoor projects such as “small” ramps. (There are several projects in the queue but they will have to wait for less dangerous times.)

In the last six weeks or so, we have built three metal ramps for needy families (like the ones the VA sometimes provides for disabled veterans), using components we had on hand in our warehouse. These types of ramps – see attached pics - can be built in less than a day, as they bolt together using a small crew of volunteers (usually three), thereby further minimizing the exposure of volunteers to the virus. They don’t require digging any footer holes as do the wooden ramps we sometimes provide.

We get a significant number of requests for this type of “quick build” ramp, and many requests are for temporary ramps. The metal ramps we use are perfectly suited to these projects. We could use more metal components (or complete ramps), as we do not currently have enough to build one more complete ramp of any length.

So we are requesting everyone’s help to enable us to respond quickly when our assistance is requested on short notice. If you know of anyone who has one of these VA-provided ramps and is no longer using it, please ask them to call me if they are willing to donate it to MMIA. We will provide a tax receipt for their donation if desired.

We would also appreciate cash donations (sent to our Southern Pines office) that would allow us to purchase one or two ramps to have on hand. Any donation will be appreciated, no matter how small. Thank you and stay healthy.

Tony Lennon, MMIA Regional Director