Press Release - Dec 29, 2021


Board of Directors - MMIA

This morning we are reeling with pain and sadness for the family and friends of Michael Dorman, MMIA’s (Military Missions In Action) Founder, Executive Director, leader, and friend, as a result of his untimely passing.

First and foremost, the Board of Directors stands firm in perpetuating Mike Dorman’s unparalleled vision to bring immediate and decisive assistance to Veterans with disabilities, active-duty members and Veterans of all Armed Forces, and equally important: their Families. This of course includes Mike Dorman’s immediate family. Their security and welfare are paramount to the successful evolution of MMIA and we intend to keep them integrated in the spirit and execution of MMIA.

Mike’s strategic vision is prominently cemented in the organization’s way forward. He is not just the founder, Director, leader, friend, and mentor to many Veterans, volunteers, employees, and donors – he was, and remains, the brand. We don’t see MMIA without seeing an image of Mike.

Fiercely dedicated to providing “immediate fire support” (as we say in the military) to Veterans in need, he hosted a unique style as a man of action, with unparalleled work ethic, to deliver on demand. Mike’s dedication and conviction provided strong confidence in donors that their contributions had an immediate positive impact.

He was nationally recognized for his vision but demonstrated an acute compassion at the local level solving problems he could see. Mike would not walk past a Veteran in need, ever. If he recognized a persistent, endemic, or systemic problem, he attacked it head on.

Thousands of citizens, volunteers, donors, stakeholders, and Veterans in need carry Mike’s

personal number in their phones. He was a one-of-a-kind compassionate leader, father, husband, philanthropist, visionary, advocate, Director, founder, and friend. We are heartbroken and words cannot express our sorrow.

We won’t let you down Mike. We will continue the mission, strengthen your vision, and uphold your intent. We love and miss you.

With sincerest sympathies,

Board of Directors, Military Missions in Action