Improving the Workplace for Veterans with Disabilities One App at a Time

Millions of veterans have disabilities, and many have difficulties finding employment. Thankfully, today's technology companies are aware of the growing demand for applications that help the disabled navigate their world.

Mobile Devices

To make sure these apps are available when needed, you should have a reliable smartphone with the latest technology. If you don’t have a high-quality phone, you may not be able to use all of an app's features. If you need to upgrade your iPhone, consider Apple's iPhone 12.

Apple has improved the dual-camera system with a super retina display for great pictures. It is one of the fastest iPhones on the market with more rapid facial recognition and sound. If you prefer an Android-based product, try Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus. The Galaxy has in-display touch identification, power sharing, and a pro-grade camera system.

Whatever phone you decide on, you’ll want to turn on any accessibility settings that will be helpful in your day-to-day life. Dictation, text-to-speech, vibration feedback and so forth are built into most newer smartphones.

You can also improve usability with something as simple as a Popsocket. These handy little additions come in a variety of styles, are affordable, and bring a little extra flair to your device.

You also might consider a phone carrying case. Being able to clip your phone to your belt or loop it around your neck allows you to keep it with you while you’re on the go. Now let’s check out those apps!

Supervision + Magnifier

The best feature of this app is its built-in stabilization. Ability Tools notes the app's ability to stabilize an image as it is enlarged, which makes it easier to see and read.

Useful in a wide variety of circumstances, Supervision + Magnifier turns your smartphone into a microscope and a magnifier. Using the microscope function, you can see images that a fully sighted person cannot see without assistance. The magnifying feature not only keeps images still, but it also lets you save magnified images for viewing later. Both features help anyone with limited sight function more comfortably in a sighted workplace.


The technology behind this app allows for real-time captioning of conversations. This feature is especially helpful for the hearing impaired who have difficulty keeping up with discussions in a group setting.

If co-workers download Ava to their smartphones, the microphone on their phones picks up the conversation. The audio is transcribed, so it is read in real-time, making it easier for the hearing impaired to be a part of the conversation. Meetings, lunch breaks, and other situations are eased greatly, thanks to Ava.

BlindSquare GPS Accessibility

BlindSquare is a GPS app designed for the visually impaired, and it’s designed to help the visually impaired navigate the indoors and outdoors. The app provides updates as you walk, announces points of interest, and identifies cross streets.

A walking navigation app is especially nice for those days when you need a break from your desk, are connecting with a new client, or when you're meeting a friend after work.


For those individuals who use wheelchairs, Wheelmap is a website and app that lets you know what locations are wheelchair accessible. It is crowdsourced, so local users provide the information. Wheelmap displays the level of accessibility to help determine if a restaurant, coffee shop, or meeting space meets your accessibility needs. Knowing whether a place is wheelchair accessible minimizes the stress of visiting new locations, and it helps you plan your route.

The app includes nearly one million places and is continually being updated. Semantic Scholar points out this app is based on crowdsourced information, so be forewarned, there may be occasional inaccuracies.

Thanks to technology, veterans living with disabilities can live and work more comfortably. Look for apps that will assist you with your employment journey. A fulfilling and prosperous career is easier to obtain than ever with the right tech in your toolkit.



Ed Carter


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