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Operation Rescue Christmas
Gift Requests


Please complete all fields for each child. Once the application has been processed, a representative from Military Missions in Action will send confirmation that your application has been received. You will receive additional correspondence once your application has been approved along with detailed information on what to expect from the program.

Parent Name

Preferred Method of Contact
Military Affiliation

Military Missions in Action is dedicated to assisting Veterans with disabilities, members of the Armed Forces, and their families.  

MMIA's Operation Rescue Christmas program holds a special place with our donors and volunteers.  We at MMIA understand the sacrifices families make as part of the Armed Forces.  

Our goal is to support those families.  We make every attempt to personalize gifts to each individual child based on the information provided.

We cannot guarantee donations received will fulfill requests exactly; however, every attempt is made to ensure your child's holiday is extra special.  So please complete all sections listed for each child so we may do our best to make each gift fit your child's desires.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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