Care Packages

Since its humble beginnings in 2008, Military Missions In Action has sent thousands of Care Packages downrange, to members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Care Packages Shipped Downrange

These Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coasties, and military service dogs serve around the world in combat zones, Naval and Coast Guard ships underway, and other foreign posts.


Our country asks these heroes to do a job that is often times in harsh climates, in combat situations, difficult, and dangerous.

All the while, they are apart from their loved-ones, their homes, and their country. The least we can do to support them is send them Care Packages and bring a little of home to them while they serve down-range.​

Care Packages
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HHC Mortar Platoon
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Advance Auto Finance Team
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Soldiers saying Thank You
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Care Packages being shipped
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Thank You!
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Medical Unit saying Thank You
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Moron Air Base Contingency Unit
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Item Wish Lists

We have an ongoing need to fill our Care Packages with movies, snacks, and hygiene items that our service members need.

Thank You Letters

Besides the items on our FTF Donation Lists, we like to include in our Care Packages are "Thank You" letters. All of our Armed Forces should be thanked for their commitment to our country.


We have school classes, small groups, civic clubs, and even businesses that hold letter-writing parties.


These letters can be a simple thank-you, to notes, drawings and even pen-pal requests. We leave it up to your imagination. We only ask that they be legible and thankful.


Many Care Package recipients have sent us thank-you notes back, telling us how these letters improved their morale, motivated them and made them proud to serve our Nation.


Do you desire to send a Care Package to a loved-one or friend who is currently deployed?

Do you want to Sponsor a Care Package (or more than one) to be sent to a Unit deployed downrange?

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